Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bambarria Tequila!

Tequila Bambarria is produced in the highlands of Los Altos, long recognised as the top zone in the state of Jalisco in Mexico where most Tequila is produced. The transparent labels and the distinct colors lend the product a class of its own.

No House Wine!

‘No House’ Wine is a new wine label. Proceeds from the sale of this wine are used to built homes for homeless children who, due to the loss of parents to AIDS, are now ‘young heads of household’ caring for younger brothers and sisters. This housing project, in the Kwazulu Natal region, is an initiative of the Dutch Foundation ‘HomePlan’ and managed by Sister Priscilla from Caritas, South Africa.

Easy Looks Cosmetics!

EasyLooks – a world-premiering cosmetics concept where a complete look is put together in a portable, disposable kit. The premier Looks are as follows: Blue Days Look, Lavender Love Look, Bronze Me Look, Smokey Eyes Look and Silver Nights Look.

The brand identity and package design of EasyLooks is meant to encourage young women to try new makeup looks as willingly as they try different fashion looks. The premiering lineup consists of five different looks, tailored for the Fall and Winter season 2006/07. New looks are scheduled to launch three times a year.

Creative Director(s): Jörgen Olofsson >> Art Director(s): Karin Larsson >> Photographer(s): Henrik Bonnevier >> Other(s): Production Designer: Anna Johansson >> Account Executive: Linda Björk

Valio Milks!

Valio Milks. The leading illustrators of Finland made a cow illustration to the milk packings of Valio. The world's widest and most democratic art project was created from the love of milk. In October-November 2005 it took place when the popular cow illustrations of the milk of Valio changed to the new cow-theme works by most loved artists in Finland. It was probably the world's widest art show/gallery because every month over 30 million milkpackages spread around Finland. Six honoured Finnish artists, Outi Heiskanen, Mauri Kunnas, Rosa Liksom, Kaj Stenvalll, Juba Tuomola and Julia Vuori got excited by this historical project. The artists were chosen by the art critic and curator.

Creative Director(s): Jari Peltonen >> Copywriter(s): Mikko Eskelinen/Lumikki Keski-Orvola/Outi Heiskanen/Mauri Kunnas/Rosa Liksom/Kaj Stenvall/Juba Tuomola/Julia Vuori/Turo Drakvik >> Art Director(s): Jari Peltonen/Juha Murremäki/Jori Kuikka >> Photographer(s): Jori Kuikka >> Web Designer & 3D animation/ Klaus Ala-Aho, Markku Hämäläinen, Miikka Lyytikäinen, Techn. Design

Illustrator(s): Art work: Outi Heiskanen/Mauri Kunnas/Rosa Liksom/Kaj Stenvall/Juba Tuomola/Julia Vuori/Juuso Koponen >> Graphic Designer/Kari Sandell, AD Assistant >> Other(s): Project management: Johanna Piisi, Anu Petäjä, Seija Matikainen/ Sara Suvinen, Kati Wikström web/Minna Leander, Arja Vatanen, Marita Kohvakka Direct/Timo Valjakka, Antti Eklund

Cabernet Sauvignon!

Root One tells the story of the original ungrafted Cabernet Sauvignon rootstock, extinct in Europe and now only found in Chile. The rich history of this woodstock is visually linked to the final glass of wine, an image of which is hidden in the vine. As you read the story the root leads you down to where it all begins, beneath the soil. A gardener's tab creates a unique neck label and emphasises the horticultural theme.

Creative Director(s): David Turner & Bruce Duckworth >> Copywriter(s): David Turner >> Art Director(s): Shawn Rosenberger >> Illustrator(s): Shawn Rosenberger >> Other(s): Client: Click Wine Group >> Awards: Epica Bronze 2006

The Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers!

Attractive, sophisticated packaging that drives consumers to their displays and affirms their expectation of a quality product. Starr Ranch Growers has a beautiful new line of boxes and totes designed to give your stone fruit, cherry, pear and apple categories the competitive edge. To learn more about them, visit the Starr Ranch Website