Saturday, August 19, 2006

Evian Water!

Launched in late 2004 to celebrate the new year, Evian’s 1-L Origine glass bottle is a monolithic ice-like sculpture. The triangular bottle is reminiscent of the alpine mountaintops from which Evian water has flowed for more than 8,000 years.

The design was handled by Landor Paris, whose parent company operates in the United States as Landor Associates. The recyclable bottle is press-and-blow molded of thick glass by Saint-Gobain, which operates in the United States as Saint-Gobain Containers.

The minimalist graphic design includes a polymeric no-label look, done via a front-panel pressure-sensitive label. Required nutritional copy appears on the flat-panel left side label. Both labels are printed in two colors.

The bottle has an injection-molded, red-tinted PET ‘overcap’ that snaps on over a standard 28-mm aluminum screw closure and fits neatly against a sloping area on the bottle’s shoulder. The bottle was distributed through early 2005 to 100 countries including the U.S. where it sells for $2.50, according to Landor Paris’s director of implementation Eric Duschene. The bottles are intended to sell as a gift item.


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